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The Power of Ninety Day Sprints

The Power of Ninety Day Sprints

April 15, 2024
Deborah Edwards

It totally makes sense when you think about it.

In the UK where I’m based, nature works in seasons of three months… ish… (It’s not so clear cut that winter isn’t outstaying it’s welcome on this chilly April day) and most businesses work in quarters for VAT reporting and management reporting.

And yet as Entrepreneurs, we often set annual targets.

This seems pretty sensible until you remember that a lot can happen and a lot can change in a year, whether that’s the wider economy our ourselves as individuals.

Setting and achieving goals should not merely be a matter of wishful thinking or long-term planning. And the best businesses a led with agility, adaptability, and the ability to change tack swiftly in response to changing markets.

In this pursuit of success, leading with the concept of ninety-day sprints is a game-changing strategy.

So what is it and why are they so great?

Imagine your goals, ambitions, and aspirations condensed into a focused, intense burst of activity spanning just three months. It's about setting clear objectives, devising actionable plans, and executing with relentless determination.

Ninety day sprints are great for focus and clarity, especially amidst a sea of distractions and shiny things. The beauty of the 90-day sprint lies in its ability to narrow your focus onto a select set of objectives, that matter as much at the time that you set them as they do when you are tackling them. With a shorter time frame, there's less room for procrastination or getting side tracked by non-essential tasks. It forces entrepreneurs to clarify their priorities and concentrate their efforts where they matter most.

Ninety-day sprints encourage iterative Progress: Waiting for annual or semi-annual reviews to assess progress simply isn't useful. Ninety-day sprints allow entrepreneurs to break down their long-term goals into manageable chunks, facilitating continuous evaluation and adjustment. This iterative approach enables swift course correction, support the “fail fast” theory and ensures that we stay on track and adapt to evolving circumstances in real-time.

Ninety days sprints enhance accountability and discipline: When goals are spread out over a year or more, it's easy to lose sight of them or justify procrastination. However, with a 90-day sprint, the sense of accountability is heightened. Entrepreneurs are compelled to set specific, measurable targets and hold themselves to a higher standard of discipline. Additionally, the shorter time frame reduces the temptation to delay action, encouraging a sense of urgency and commitment to consistent effort.

Ninety-day sprints allow for flexibility and adaptation: Being agile is the key to survival in business. Pivoting and adjusting our strategies based on emerging opportunities or unforeseen challenges is paramount. If a particular approach isn't working, we can quickly reassess and recalibrate plans without being tethered to a long-term commitment. When coupled with a burstable investment strategy, this nimbleness allows for greater experimentation and innovation, driving success in dynamic markets.

And finally, my favourite; ninety day sprints boosts motivation and momentum. There's something inherently energising about working towards a goal with a clear deadline in sight. There’s a sense of urgency within the possibility that fuels motivation with a sense of purpose. As milestones are achieved and progress is made, momentum builds, driving us to push even harder towards our objectives. This cycle of achievement reinforces confidence and self-belief, creating a positive feedback loop that spurs further success.

I also believe that the sum of all parts is greater when you work in ninety-day sprints. Consider Parkinsons law, a law which determines that work will fill the allotted time set for it. Imagine how much you can achieve with focus and free from distraction. That’s got to be more than a long runway where nothing really gets off the ground until quarter three!

So while I still believe that long-term vision and strategic planning are essential for success, the ability to execute with precision and agility is equally crucial. Ninety-day sprints offer entrepreneurs a powerful framework for goal-setting that harnesses the benefits of focus, iteration, motivation, accountability, and adaptability, resulting in supercharged productivity, accelerated progress, and achieve their aspirations with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start your ninety day sprint today!