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We are all individual in the way that we absorb , process and apply information that we consume. Sometimes we need more support to make a greater impact, faster.

These programmes are for those who want mentoring that is directly applied to their own business and their own circumstance. After all, every business is unique.
want more support?

My five pillar 1-2-1 coaching program is my signature program founded on support, motivation and results. Working only with a select number of entrepreneurs who are super serious about taking their business to the next level.

Know that you are taking the next step to create the future that you deserve, enhancing your sense of clarity, profit & wealth.

Applications Now Accepted
Applications Now Accepted
5 Pillars
12 months+
Pillar 1
Strong Foundations

There are two fundamental key stones to your business today. One is you and the other is your business system.

Together, we will explore your money mindset and identify the ways to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are currently holding you back.

We will then evaluate your current system and identify quick and easy wins for you to be assured that all the essentials are taken care of. Creating habits and methods of easy identification of how your business is doing as well as identifying your specific personality type and how it will influence the way you run your finances. Taking all the thinking time away from aspects of your business that should run like clockwork, leaving your brain free for bigger impact.

On completion of this pillar you will:

  • run your business with confidence knowing that the basics are taken care of;
  • recognise your own mindsets around money and understand the impact these may have on your business;
  • develop systems that become less dependant on you as you grow.
Pillar 2
Financial Roadmap

Here you will learn the ever evolving, always necessary skills of business and finance planning.

You will develop budgets and forecasts that are bespoke to your business and sit nicely alongside your Big Life Goals.

With your attitude to risk in mind, we'll look at how you assess new opportunities, deal with obstacles and get to where you want to be, with the right tools at your fingertips.

On completion of this pillar you will:

  • have developed a suite of business planning documents that give you clarity & confidence in where your business is headed;
  • develop the skills of business evaluation in line with plans and how to communicate and adapt to new possibilities.
Pillar 3
Profit Maximiser

Challenge conventional mindsets that may have made you reluctant to achieve your true value in the past and get the most out of your business.

Uncover hidden opportunities to make more money from things that you are already doing. Understand and measure your price against your value and those of the competition and set a framework so that you step forward into success.

On completion of this pillar you will:

  • have self belief that you make good sound business decisions;
  • price with confidence;
  • know how to measure your business success in a variety of ways.
Pillar 4
Cash Queen

Step into your power and learn how to make your money work for you. How to balance cash management of a healthy business, whilst reaping the rewards you deserve, as well as how and when your business may need to inject extra funds to take it to the next level or to bridge difficult times.

On completion of this pillar you will:

  • no longer have cause for concern about cash flow surplus or shortages;
  • develop a warning system for potential cash flow problems;
  • learn how to manage cash in line with business aspirations.
Pillar 5
Ever Ready Exit

Selling all or part of your business might be the last thing on your mind, but a business that is built to sell from the beginning is hugely valuable. Imagine double rewards from your business - profits as you trade and a return on your business as an investment when you sell!

On completion of this pillar of the programme you will:

  • Understand how businesses like yours are valued;
  • Learn how to build & enhance value & incorporate into every day decision making;
  • Know how to talk to investors and showcase your business in a loud world.
em-power hour

Got a burning question about one particular subject? Book in for a power hour and let's get it nailed! Have a look below at the some of the topics you might want to discuss.

Empower Hour Inspo 1
Powerful Pricing

This is one of the most popular stumbling blocks that business owners come across and yet a properly priced business can make all the difference between success and failure.

Sometimes the issues are internal, other times it takes a bit of figuring out - or usually at bit of both!

Empower Hour Inspo 2
Doing business in the right way

You might have questions about whether or not you are set up in the right way. Maybe you are a sole trader and you wonder if you should be a limited company?

We can talk about your specific situation and make sure that you have all the right ducks in all the right rows at the right time.

Empower Hour Inspo 3
Discussing an Opportunity

One of the most exciting things about being in business is when you are presented with a seemingly golden opportunity that you never had expected. One of my favourites is an offer of investment on linkedin, but it could be anything, from a potential new customer to a business partnership.

Let me help you gain clarity in your decision making.

Empower Hour Inspo 4
Paying too much tax

Paying tax always raises questions. Are you paying too much? Are you claiming everything you can as a tax deduction. Are you taking money out in the right way?

Spend an hour and we can make sure that you pay just the right amount of tax and ensure that you aren't missing any of the opportunities that are available to people in business.

Empower Hour Inspo 5
Practice talking about your business

Perhaps you've got an opportunity to present your business to a potential investor and you want a dummy run?

Practice your pitch to a friendly, constructive ear so that you can fine tune for that all important moment.

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