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Hello! I’m Deb.
I see it time and time again. Women in business with incredible ideas, passion and drive that could lead a country and yet, behind the scenes, a deficit of confidence and maybe a bank balance to match, with an uncertainty of whether it will all be worth it.

My experience is vast and I've seen both sides of the coin. As an accountant in practice and a finance director of a leading online platform (from minimal income to multi million pound turnover) and as an entrepreneur myself.

I've made it my mission to enable entrepreneurs to get clarity in their business money to maximise their profit, wealth and free time.

You're in the right place,

Only 39% of women believe they possess entrepreneurial skills

(Compared to 55% of men). This is a perceived gap in reality rather than actual gap in skill set.

I'm here to change this mindset.

46% of all-female would-be borrowers do not seek finance

This is because they expected issues with the loan process (compared to only half that of men).

I'm here to change this mindset.


The reasons for this, comes down to business failure and personal circumstances.

I'm here to help prevent this.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE RAISED UP PROGRAM has enabled me to create a solid, clear path to make our ambitions achievable. DEB WAS ALSO ABLE TO QUICKLY spot the holes and fill them. It's a real relief and takes a lot of the unnecessary stress away."

Siobhan Frost
Co-founder, Oly Sheet

As an entrepreneur starting two businesses during the pandemic, finding Deb was a huge relief. I have a creative background, so the finances were something I knew I needed to get a strong grip on. It WAS exactly what I needed to feel like I could steer the business to success."

Jessica Barlow
Founder, No Agency Method
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