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This is my why. What's yours?

This is my why. What's yours?

October 21, 2021
Deborah Edwards

So I'm going to start by saying that yes, I am a finance expert, yes I am a finance director, coach and chartered accountant, but this is what I do, not who I am. And I think the same probably goes for you too. It's all too easy to define ourselves by the jobs and businesses that we have. It's what is behind that drives us and really defines who we are. So who am I and why do I do what I do?

I live in Cornwall by the sea with my partner & two daughters, the eldest being at university. As a girl who grew up on Dartmoor, I love being outdoors whether that's taking photographs of nature or hiking the south west coast path and I frequently wonder how I ended up with a stereotypical office job, The reality couldn't be further from the truth however. Being successful in the field of finance means that I have been able to carve my own path, unchained to the desk, on my own terms and surrounded by some wonderful humans, both professionally and personally. To do the things I love, with the time that I have and the people that I love. To provide for my family so we can have a good life together. I'm proud of myself.

Quite simply, I want every business owner to have that same experience. I nearly wrote luxury, but didn't, because it shouldn't be a luxury. Not if business is done right and well. It should be standard and not shied away from. Being busy but skint is not funny. I know. I was that person. In the same vein, money is not the root of all evil. Money in the hands of the right people creates something beautiful. I want to see more money in more hands of more right people, because those people will know what to do with it, for the greater good. And I know that through this blog, my coaching programmes, retreats (yes - Cornwall bound!) and courses that I can show them how to make this happen.

So that's my why. I'd love to hear about yours!